Norwegian Farmer’s Son…March 12th


NFS 3.12b
School was always tough for Elliott over the years.

One of the definitions for the word essay is: “An attempt or effort to perform or accomplish something”.  That pretty much sums up my Kindergarten through High School experiences.  I ATTEMPTED school!  And yes, that attempt was “difficult” for me.  The only subjects I excelled in at school were ….RECESS…..LUNCH TIME….. and ohh yes….NOSE PICKING 101!! 😉

NFS 3.12c
Elliott “flew low on the radar” when it came to school subjects.

Combat jet pilots can tell you about a technique called, “Flying low under the radar”.  It means if they fly their jet close enough to the ground, they can be almost invisible to the “seeing eye” of radar.  That’s kinda how I went through my school years.  I stayed in the back of classes and was quiet.  No news was good news for this student who tried not to draw attention, if at all, for fear of failing to have the right answer for a teacher.  The only time I raised MY hand in class was to ask to use the restroom.  Now I’m not proud of that negative attribute (actually, it shames me now), but in the days of school life, I really had no set passion or goal in life to want to aim for after my early educational years.  Therefore, I rather drifted through school, like an old log in the river……..just bumping against the banks and floating unnoticed with other scrap wood.

NFS 3.12d
If Elliott were able to re-do school,  he would have used his school years to hit a bulls-eye.

If I could’ve gone back to approach life and schooling again, I would have aimed at a lifework target in my early teen years.  Then, I would have sought counsel to choose subjects that would have sharpened me to be better at hitting the target of achieving a specific college diploma.  That document could have landed me in a profession that not only would have paid well, but would have given me a fulfilled heart by contributing to those I touch in the world around me.

NFS 3.12e
Elliott has his degree as a Trash Technician 😉

My counsel to children and grandchildren is this….discover your passion in life!  Then, set your sight and goal on achieving the wisdom and knowledge to do all the essay’s and term papers necessary to allow you then to enfold yourself around that passion of yours to enjoy for the rest of your working life!!!   A wise lady once told me, “If you do what you LOVE, you’ll never have to WORK a day in your life!!!”  So agrees this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 3.12f


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