Norwegian Farmer’s Son…February 23rd


NFS 2.23b
Manual labor was the only way Elliott was going to make some money, since college seemed to be outside of his grasp.

POEM – “Lack Of Having Focus” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Dollars went to scholars, But not to guys like me,

The only way to find them, Was on my bended knee.

In High School days, I found some ways, To put dollars in my pocket,

I carried bags, At the grocery store,  And ran just like a rocket.

NFS 2.23d
Elliott’s first real job, at the end of his 10th Grade year, was “Box Boy” at this grocery store in Battle Ground, Washington.  Earned $1.60 per hour, part time.

My first real job, In High School days, Had its ups and down,

No longer could I play my sports, Or run around the town.

The coach said, “Either you are here, At practice EVERY day”,

“Or don’t bother even coming, There is no other way.”

So, even though I made some bucks, My last two years of school,

I missed out on some memories, That may have been real cool.

NFS 2.23c
In retrospective musings, Elliott would’ve done school differently.

I felt the biggest problem, though, Was lack of having focus,

Upon the future, And its goals, There was no “hocus pocus”.

So take my counsel, young one, Find your passion and “take aim”,

Then focus on your life long quest, Don’t wander….it’s so lame.


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