Norwegian Farmer’s Son…February 11th


#935 Kiester Grade School.
The double doors on the left led me down the hall to my First Grade classroom and my First Girlfriend.

POEM – “Through These Doors” by N. Elliott Noorlun

Through these doors, And down the hall,

I found my First Grade class.

I also found a feminine buddy,

A friendly little lass.

#161.2=Elliott and First Grade class; circa 1961
Marietta Lacher (pronounced LOCKER) is top right in this First Grade photo, with Elliott at the lower left.  Year was 1961.

Marietta Lacher was her name,

I still remember well,

True, girls had germs, And maybe worms,

But I still liked her, Can’t ya tell?

Though when I rode home, On our old bus,

It was no easy task,

The High School boys, Made lots of noise,

In the questions they would ask!

“Are you in love?”, “Is she your gal?”,

They’d tease me without ending,

But worst of all, They’d recite all,

Of verse that had me bending.

NFS 2.11a
Elliott’s first case of “puppy love”!

“Marietta n Elliott, Sittin’ in a tree,

K I S S I N G!”,

“First comes love, Then comes marriage,

Then comes babes in a baby carriage!”

T’weren’t no fun bein’ friendly,

When little in First Grade,

Especially when, Those mean young men,

Towards me their tortures laid! :o(

NFS 2.11b


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