Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 30th


#721 Noorlun 4 generations. March 1978 001
The Summer of 1978 brought four Noorlun generations together. 

YES, indubitably so!!!  As of this writing, it’s been a full 42 years since our farmer father left this world for Heaven’s Shores after suffering from the ravages of pancreatic cancer.  Over those years, since he left for Glory Land, I’ve had innumerable times when questions about Dad’s life would come to me, but he was no longer “across town” to go ask him about “this or that”.  I’ve had so many musings about what his feelings would have been on issues of his life that would’ve, in turn, brought me more understanding about the foundations of where I came from and who I have become.  How wise it would have been to have employed more foresight than hindsight regarding Dad’s life.  It would have garnered a fuller story of the life of Russell Conrad Noorlun from birth to his last days.
So many questions about the life of our farmer father, Russell C. Noorlun, still remained.

In light of what I’ve shared already, regarding unanswered questions, I wanted to be proactive in my generation and create a source of what life has been like for me, myself and I in this earthly journey I’ve enjoyed up to this point in time.

NFS 1.30g

A “light bulb” came on in my head after giving our mother a one year calendar some years ago.  That calendar contained 365 questions for her to share HER life with us, as a family.  After thoroughly enjoying her responses about her life, I took that format and revamped it to fit a more male genre of questions based upon life experiences of my own and began to write this series I call, ” Norwegian Farmer’s Son”.   Therefore, for those of you who have just “come on board” with these writings, I preface this magnum opus with the full knowledge that I am NOT a professional writer.  You will see many of my misspelling errors, grammatical flaws, etc..   Yet, I embark upon this literary endeavor to share my heart and life, not only with my beloved five children, but also for my grandchildren and generations of family yet to be born who can someday pick up these pages and find out more of who their grandfather was.  I also count it pure joy when friends also “jump on the bus” along with me and, as a result, many times share their stories of growing up, as well.

Storytime5 2015

NFS 1.30b

Picture these short stories and jottings as a poor man’s autobiography and his children are asking him up to 600 questions to better know who their father and grandfather is.  In the course of a year, or more, I will answer those questions one day at a time.  Some answers will be in short story form, others in poetry and some will be simple, straight forward answers. NFS 1.30e

I find a sense of peace that at the end of my life, when I, N. Elliott Noorlun, take my last breath on earth and traverse into eternity, my children and grandchildren will have over 600 “windows” (via these stories) to look into the life of this simple farm boy who grew up under God’s grace, mercy and provision.  I am eternally grateful for my Lord’s love and mercy shown to this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 1.30f


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