Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 21st


#106.1=Elliott, Dad, Aunt Bev & Brenda at Phil's Park

POEM – “My Tobacco Fuss With Chet And Russ” by N. Elliott Noorlun


When I was young, I do recall, The smell of “Viceroys” and “Pall Mall”,

“Camels” puffed with many a joy, Were Daddy’s favorites, So says this boy.

But if the dollar bills were slim, “Prince Albert’s” can satisfied his whim.

He’d sprinkle it on, A thin flat paper, Then with a lick, Of spit and vapor,

Would tightly make it, Into a roll, And strike a match, From off his sole,

To light the end, And puff away, To calm Dad’s nerves, From farming’s fray.

NFS 1.21a
Mr. Chester ‘Chet’ Sidney  Ozmun.  3/4/1909 – 3/9/1990

Now one day Chet, Came o’er to talk, While he and Dad, Did did start to walk,

Chet finished off, His tobacco chew, Then the “Copenhagen”, Can he threw,

Aside while they, Walked outta sight, I thought I could, I thought I might,

Just try this stuff, Chet loved so dandy, He seemed to think, That snuff was candy.

NFS 1.21d

Well, I reamed out, What was left inside, And popped it in, My mouth to hide,

Instead of candy, To my surprise, This nasty stuff, Lit up my eyes!!!

I SPIT AND SPIT!,  But not for pleasure, This truly was NOT, My kind of treasure!

My first and last, Chew of towbakky, Whoever does this, Is just plain wacky!!

NFS 1.21b

Some years went by, And this young fool, Still thought cigarettes, Were kinda cool.

I’d imitate uncles, Who smoked cigars, “Puff” candy cigarettes, While riding in cars.

Till one morning when, I heard my dad, Coughing and choking, Oh so bad.

I asked, “Daddy, do you have a cold?”, “No Son”, he said, “It’s time you were told”,

“This cough is from smoking, Don’t ever start!”, “I’m telling you this, From sincere heart!”

As the years have passed, I’ve pondered his word, The wisest advice, I’ve ever heard,

I can treasure each lung full, Of fresh clean air,

I’d learned a lesson from them, In the way back there.

Hmmm...still wanna light up a cigarette? Stop Smoking Symbol in sketch.


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