Norwegian Farmer’s Son…January 5th


POEM – “Four Norskis In A Row”….by N. Elliott Noorlun

First came big brother Lowell,

In the month of February,

Then elder Sister, In the month of May,

Brought to us our Rosemary.

After me, It was plain to see,

That to our sweet home’s edifice,

Was needed one nobler, So there in October,

We welcomed our sweet Candice.


I have always been fascinated by the etymology of family names and how they were chosen for some of us as we entered this world.  Our elder brother’s first name (Lowell) actually means “Little Wolf” and his middle name (Ross) means “Headland”.  Our older sister’s first name (Rosemary) means “Misty Dew Of The Sea” and her middle name (Arlone) means “Light-Hearted and Obliging”.  My legal first name of Nathan means “Gift” and my daily name (Elliott) originates from the Hebrew name, Elijah, and means “Yahweh Is God”; both of my names, in their original forms, are from the Hebrew language.  Last in our family’s birth order was our beloved little sister, Candice.  Her first name means “Sparkling/Shining” and her middle name (Lynn) means “Dwells By A Pool”.

#356=Russ&Clarice, Lowell&Rosemary; Nov. 1949
A young Noorlun family with Lowell and Rosemary between Clarice and Russell.   Elliott didn’t come on the scene till 1954 and Candice in 1955.

The origins of our names are important to some and totally insignificant to others.  I sometimes tease folks by saying, “You can call me anything you want… long as you don’t call me LATE FOR DINNER!!” :o)  Blessings till next time from this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

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