Norwegian Farmer’s Son…November 29th


NFS 11.29i
Elliott feels a song coming on!!!! 😉

“Oh, oh, ohhhhh, I can’t help it……I feel a song urge coming over me!!!!  Ahhhhhh!  Hehehehe!” 😉    It’s too boring just to list my favorites of this n that during my life, so I’m gonna have some fun with a silly song that uses the tune “A Few Of My Favorite Things” from the awesome musical “Sound Of Music” starring Julie Andrews.   Instead of  the character of Maria Von Trapp, we’ll call me Elliott’s Big Trap……since I already AM a “character”…..snarf, snarf, chuckle, choke!

SONG – “A Few Of My Favorite Things”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

NFS 11.29d

VERSE: Meat loaf n tators, Will last me till laters,

Corn by the truckload, When brought by the waiters,

If it doesn’t bite back, I’ll eat till I sings,

“These are a few of my favorite things”.

When it comes to readin’, And good thoughts I’m seedin’,

The Bible is first, Holy Spirit is leadin’,

NFS 11.29b

But then “Farmer Boy”, Is the book that you’ll see,

Me readin’ of days, That brought me so much gleeeeeeee!

CHORUS:  When my heart sank, As the bills tanked,

And I felt so low,

I’d simply return to my favorite things,

And set my cheeks allll aglow!!

NFS 11.29c

VERSE:  Blue is my favorite, Color for this guy,

Likely because of my farmland and big sky,

And when it came to, Melodious song,

NFS 11.29e

With pipes like John Denver, You’d never go wrong.

NFS 11.29j

On TV, “The Waltons”, Were number one to see,

I felt just like John Boy, A writer I would be.

NFS 11.29k

In movies, “It’s A Wonderful Life” was the best,

In heart and in spirit, It passed every good test.

CHORUS:  Though I’m now old, Armpits with mold,

And my ears now ring,

I simply will board, The old memory bus,

And return to my favorite things!!!!

NFS 11.29l







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