Norwegian Farmer’s Son…April 18th


POEM – “L. I. F. E.”  by N. Elliott Noorlun

#61=Elliott's first B.D.,Jan. 1955
If you look to the background room, you can even see Elliott’s baby crib on his 1st birthday January 14th, 1955.

L……..oving each day, He has given to me,

#107=Elliott with fedora hat on 6th BD; January 14, 1960
Elliott is 6 years old on January 14th, 1960.

I……….nspired by those who show love,

#156=Elliott sick at his 14th BD party. Jan. 14, 1968
Elliott (far right) is sick as a dog on his 14th birthday on January 14th, 1968.

F………inding each moment, Unwrapped for the joys,

#176=Elliott BD with family; circa 1998
Still a silly birthday kid at the age of 44 on January 14th, 1998.

E……..xcited for God’s gift from above.


The best birthday gift EVER was life, itself, for this Norwegian Farmer’s Son.

NFS 4.18b



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